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The Templars’ Secret Island

The Templars’ Secret Island, the book which I wrote with Erling Haagensen, was published in the year 2000. It has long nagged at me that the many readers who bought a copy before the appearance of the later edition of 2006, have been deprived of the very important Postscript which we added to our original work.

Here, then, are those two additional pages, which should be self-explanatory.


Accurate information about my commitments and public appearances etc will, henceforth, be confirmed on this site. Any advertised lectures, tours or appearances not so confirmed, must be considered questionable.

I do this because it was recently widely publicised that I would be present and would be speaking - at a gathering to be held in Milan. At no time had I ever agreed to participate in that meeting.

A similar announcement was also made in relation to an event in Glastonbury - the organisers whereof continued to propagate their misinformation, despite having been requested ... forcefully ... to refrain from doing so.

Such people have absolutely no right to promise my presence. I apologise to any people who may have travelled, expressly to make contact with me. I can only wonder what excuse was given for my non-appearance.

It seems, therefore, apparent that unscrupulous organisations will use the names of people such as myself in order to attract an audience.

Ignore them.


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