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Posted on: Wed Mar 28 2012
Further to the "Bloodline" confession

Following the confession by the disgraceful Ben Hammott - the sadly-deceived producer of the film, Rene Barnett, has asked me to attempt to "put the record straight" on her radio show on LATalkRadio.  This goes out live at 8pm LA time … so I shall have to be at my brightest and best at what will be 4 am down here in the Aude.  What a thing to do to a geriatric !   It's just as well I care about this story.  And I shall - as always - stick to the truth.  No fantasies.  No "believe me" type rubbish.  No dishonest fairy-stories.  I shall attempt to answer - honestly - any questions that are put to me … as I try to do on this blog and on all the many mails I receive on this site.

Patience … !

Since I reported the completion of my winter jollity of converting de Sède into readable English, I've been a little surprised to find myself being asked for copies of the opus !   Patience  patience !   Publication and printing doesn't happen over-night !   I can only say that it will be available - "as soon as possible".  When the publisher lets me know his predicted date for its eventual appearance, I shall let you know on this site.  But it will take a few months yet …

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